Let’s Spread Awareness & Help Fund Research

 Misophonia does not research itself, and research isn’t free. In the perfect world the NIMH and government funded programs would want to help us. The reality is, unfortunately, that budgets are tight and the likelihood of Misophonia being classified let alone funded are next to nothing. This is where we, the IMRN, and you, come in to the picture. Misophonia research is not cheap. Yes, we currently have studies going but they were not created without the hard work and dedication of Dr. Jennifer Jo Brout. For Misophonia research to continue to be facilitated there must be sufferers that are willing to take the personal initiative to be proactive in both their own communities and on the web.
Change starts from home. Sometimes it is as simple as asking your friends and family to each help contribute a small amount. After all, if 100,000 people give $1 that’s $100,000. We do not ask for your donations directly – we ask you to give them to the researchers. Community and Web Campaigns are both important to the cause. You can make the most out of a local event by spreading it online and encouraging others to do the same.

With the hashtags #MisophoniaMatters and #Misophonia we can take our disorder from the hands of harsh media articles, and take control of the message.

There is no small effort for research. Each step you take is helping us to build the staircase to a greater understanding of sound over-responsivity.

sensory awareness month misophonia internationalOctober is Sensory Awareness Month. We are proud participants and supporters.

Share your sensory story on social media and join in on the conversation: #sensoryawareness #sensoryawarenessmonth